by Jennifer Hodgens, OklaHome Team, and Yay Dude Ambassador

“What’s the next big thing in home design in 2023?”

Jennifer Hodgens, OklaHome Team

That’s what everybody asked as we traveled to Las Vegas for the International Builders Show in January.  

Here are the main trends that will apparently be making it into homes in our neck of the woods in the next few years in Oklahoma:  

Interior Design

If I had one word to describe the predominant style it would be contemporary/modern (yes, that’s two words).  Like ALL of it. So get ready.  Many of the showrooms took on an international feel since many of the suppliers came from other nations but their styles often swim across the ocean to us eventually too.


Color Palette 

Warm neutrals,  soft earthy palettes and moody blue & hunter green. When white was used it was more ivory or cream. 

Look for Sherwin Williams 2023 top color Redend Point on walls and Darkroom and Pewter Green on cabinets.


Flat cabinets with no trim – again modern. Many has ultra-high gloss paint that makes them look plastic-y but I’ve seen that style in magazines for awhile so I wasn’t surprised. Not my favorite though.  

LED backlit glass hutch displays for formal glasses or wine were definitely a thing.  Larger areas of glass – top to bottom rather than farmhouse style twins on either side of the stove or sink. 

Sliding storage 

Tall pull-out pantries and layered drawers inside drawers.  We’ve seen the slide out spice cabinets on either side of the stove for a while.  This is a tall version of that – about 6ft that slides out with shallow shelves inside. 

Bathroom storage got creative too with pull out drawers designed with metal containers for hairdryers and curling irons with a plug inside.  Loved this! They keep the cords from tangling up all over your countertop.

Kitchen Appliances 

Manufacturers are copying the famous (and very pricy) La Cornue French ovens with an ornate style reminiscent of vintage European chef ranges.  Often with double oven doors that open horizontal rather than vertical (think Hansel and Gretel).  Mixed metals were definitely in and many were stepping out into colored large appliances as well. They certainly command attention as the main focal piece, and therefore paired with very simple modern style range hoods.


My favorite booth won one of the “Best Of” awards.  It was a vacuum suck elevator – a space-age tube that sucks one person up a time.  It reminded me of I Fly zone in OKC. Kind of frightening.   

Fotile’s in-sink dishwasher was very Jetsons.  Imagine a top loading metal cabinet next to your kitchen sink.  Place dishes inside to spin wash like a laundry washing machine.  It could also be used to wash a “load full” of produce or seafood all at once.

Craig was mesmerized at Ford’s new truck toolbox.  I can only describe it as a monster work truck with a van shape backend that opens up to be a full-sized standup mechanic garage inside. Seemed to be the man’s equivalent of a woman’s mobile boutique pop-up shop.

After a full day, my feet were blistering after walking miles of exhibit halls.  We’re both excited to bring several front-line new styles back to Oklahoma to use in our custom homes.

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