Each new year brings new hopes, goals, dreams, and aspirations. Designating a “word of the year” for yourself, your business, or even community, can help you keep those values and visions top of mind throughout the year. Oklahoma City is a growing and thriving community full of incredible people, events, and businesses, and we wanted to share what these district throughout the metro chose as their ‘word of the year’ to express their goals in 2023 – and why you might like to visit! (Note: we featured the districts who responded to our request. 🙂

Automobile Alley: Bright”

Photo per: Facebook; Automobile Alley

“Automobile Alley continues to shine bright not only during the holiday season but year-round through our creative services, art experiences, amazing retail, and enlightening culinary options.”

-Submitted by: Joe Hudson, Automobile Alley District Manager

Bricktown: “Connect” and “Destination”

Photo per: Facebook; Bricktown OKC

Bricktown: “Connect”

“Last year (maybe even the last couple of years) my word has been ‘experience’. And I believe that “connect” is the why for the experience. I also believe it’s important that we seek connection and one of the best ways is through the discovery of what entertains us since Bricktown is OKC’s “Entertainment District” and combines elements of many different options for hospitality at the best hotels and some of the best restaurants, it’s park-like beauty along the canal, Land Run Monument, the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark/Okc Dodgers, it’s close proximity to the Paycom Center, the Oklahoma City Convention Center, Scissortail Park, the Riversport Adventure, the First American Museum, and the coming soon OKANA Resort I really can think of a better place to “Connect”.

-Submitted by: David Southard, owner of Bourbon St. Cafe in Bricktown (Located at 100 E California Ave, OKC 73104)


“Bricktown continues to be Oklahoma’s entertainment destination.”

-Submitted by: Justin O’Neal, Bricktown District Manager:

Deep Deuce: “History”

Photo per: Facebook; Deep Deuce District

“Deep Deuce is a place with rich history, live music, dining, retail, and modern living and as we look to the future, we want to honor the past.”

-Submitted by: Kristen Vails, Downtown OKC Partnership’s Director of Place Management

Midtown: “Connection”

Photo per: Facebook; Midtown OKC

“Midtown serves as a connection point for residents and visitors which can be seen in the thriving small business community and continued development in the neighborhood.”

-Submitted by: Jakey Dobbs, Midtown District Manager

West Village District: “Storied”

Photo per: Visit OKC & West Village District

“While the West Village District is Downtown’s newest district, this unique quarter is rooted in a rich historical past that we are excited to celebrate alongside the revitalization of the area.”

-Submitted by: Hayden Smiley, West Village District Coordinator

Downtown OKC: “Collaborative”

Photo per: Downtown OKC Partnership

“Downtown OKC manages the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) which is a collaborative effort among area stakeholders to create a clean, safe, and vibrant place to visit for everyone.”
-Submitted by: Jane Jenkins, President & CEO of Downtown OKC Partnership

Paseo District: “Cultivate”

Photo per: Facebook; Paseo Arts District

“The Paseo Art District’s word of the year “cultivate” represents the continued legacy of our community where artists, performers, entrepreneurs, and creative individuals can grow and learn together. This year, the district will have new developments to its physical space, continue to advocate for the arts and artists of Oklahoma, and further cultivate a community where creativity is shared with the public through art, food, and the performing arts.”

-Submitted by: Amanda Blakely: Executive Director & Theresa Hultberg: Program Manager

Edmond: “Creativity”

Photo per: eeda.com

“Edmond’s 300+ public art pieces (including 64 murals) bring our downtown streets, parks, and shopping areas to life. The new 62-acre Uncommon Ground Sculpture Park along Route 66 is beginning to take shape. We are also being CREATIVE with downtown living. Check out the new Lark cottages and parking garage to support new apartments.”

-Submitted by: Jennifer Seaton: Tourism Director


If you haven’t chosen your word of the year yet, there is still time! Think about what you want to work towards and through in 2023 and keep this as an inspirational thought as we take on 2023. You got this! Stay tuned for a feature on what our local business owner team members have selected on their word and how it’s going! 


Cheers from our Yay Dude team: Citizens Bank of Edmond, Waters Edge Winery – Moore & Eddies.