Question: Who wants to have a holiday season filled with peace??

I mean, who doesn’t love peace? But more than any other time of the year, the holiday season dishes up more than its fair share of stress. How many times have you said, “THIS year is going to be different?” only to have December disintegrate into tantrums (sometimes even the kids throw ‘em!). Despair no more! This is my go-to, tried and true (I’ve been walking my talk on this one for a couple of decades now) strategy for creating a holiday season chock-full of peace. First, I set my intention to say a resounding yes to my peace, no matter what. What kind of Mindset & Empowerment Coach would I be if I didn’t set an intention to thrive?? Once I’ve decided to focus on and foster my peace, I feel empowered to make decisions that serve my peace (don’t even come at me with “that’s kinda selfish to only think about your own peace” because I’m a firm believer in taking care of me also means taking care of everyone who interacts with me, so a peaceful Julie = a peaceful anyone who’s in Julie’s bubble)

Next step: I turn to things within my control to help foster my peace.

  • First up: a close look at my calendar and being realistic about what will and won’t happen in what is only about a 2-month timeframe.
  • I check my people-pleasing at the door for this one. Hard time deciding what’s a no?? I lean into how it feels to show up to a few things fully excited (and peaceful), versus attending a bunch of events frazzled and frustrated.

The final step in my Peace for Me and All Personkind strategy is to set boundaries. In truth, I’ve already set a fabulous boundary in an area I have the most control over – my mindset. I also set boundaries around my to-do list. Years ago, I read something that suggested parents ask their children “what’s one thing that if it didn’t happen, it just wouldn’t feel like Christmas?” (it works for whatever celebration you’re planning) and then do only those things. I do this with my family to this day, and those are the only do-or-dies on my list. Everything else is eligible for the chopping block – everything.

Photo by: Blue Element Visuals

Confession time: focusing on my peace came from a stark moment of clarity in my thirties when I realized I had become a screaming shrew in the name of creating the perfect holiday – I’m pretty sure that’s not how that’s supposed to go. I decided then and there I would do and be different – and I’m happy to say I have been. I’m not perfect (despite the rumors *wink*) and I don’t do this perfectly.

But I practice. I practice peace. And my sincerest wish is for you to do so, too. I promise you won’t be sorry – and neither will those you love (and who love you). It sounds cliche but it’s true: the best gift you can give anyone is your (peaceful) presence. 

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