Aaahhh…the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air and Halloween candy is already on sale at Target as we head into Fall and a season of holiday celebrations. New Year’s resolutions are a distant speck in our rearview mirrors and if we haven’t made progress (or what we deem to be “enough” progress) towards our goals and dreams, we’re tempted to “just wait until after the holidays” to get started. Wait what?? 2022 isn’t over yet – not by a long shot. But falling into Fall can create some “it’s too late” thoughts and feelings. Here’s my mindset shift on that stinkin’ thinkin’: I still have three months to be all-in on my 2022 vision!

Here’s what I do to double-down in Q4 on what I believed just a few short months ago was so very possible for my life: “Celebrate What I’ve Already Accomplished”. I love a good brag & gratitude list and this is exactly where I start as I compare where I was as I rang in the year and where I am right now.

We’re very unlikely to celebrate our wins adequately – if at all – so even if it’s just between you and your journal, sing your praises! It’s so easy to forget where we started so take a peek at that calendar, review your social media posts, ask your friends what they’ve noticed is different about you…whatever it takes to put you in touch with how you’ve already rocked this year.

Revise My Vision Board: I did just this recently (see pic) with my go-to flock of bad-ass business leaders at Chicks In Charge. Using an art piece I created with my 2022 Soul Word on it, I reflected on the vision board I had created in January, honed in on what still felt exciting and aligned and what I could reasonably accomplish with the time I had left in the year, and created a new “finish out 2022 strong” vision board. (If you’re not into cutting and pasting, you can use a digital vision board app).

Work My Calendar: I’m a lil old school and still use a paper calendar for long-term quarterly & yearly planning because it helps me “see” the months. I also use one calendar to house both my personal and professional endeavors. There’s a LOT of brain science on how writing down your goals and dreams makes them way more likely to happen that I won’t bore you with here, but speaking from personal experience, write them down or you will fill your calendar with a ton of crap that doesn’t serve you or bring you closer to a life you truly desire to live. Write your goals at the top of each month and fill in the calendar with actions that accomplish – or bring you closer to – your goals.

As you realign yourself with your goals for 2022 (and repeat to yourself “I’m gonna crush Q4”) you’ll find yourself looking forward to the last few months of the year as an opportunity to show up for yourself in a big way and bring yourself significantly closer to embodying the life you desire.

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