Welcome to Part 2! Turns out I had so much to say about having fun, my fabulous editor (shoutout to Malena Putnam) and I decided to make this blog a 2-part series.

Let’s review: True Fun (a term coined by Catherine Price in her book THE POWER OF FUN) happens at the confluence of play, connection, and flow. Watch out for Fake Fun which is all the stuff we do that we label fun but actually drains us. Here’s the best part: having True Fun doesn’t take a lot of money, a fancy vacation, or exotic locales. As a play therapist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the powerfully healing properties of play. And play isn’t just for children – the healing powers of play (and connection and flow) are available (and even necessary) for all of us. Having fun doesn’t mean being the class clown; it means cultivating a playful attitude: a sense of humor about the foibles of life, bantering with people you love, and most importantly, engaging fully in the present moment, with yourself and/or with others.

So how do we infuse our every day with True Fun? It’s easier than you may believe. We can create opportunities for True Fun with intention – and even develop habits that encourage fun moments in our daily life. You’ll remember from last month’s article (if you missed it, find it here)

I recommended a mindset shift for a more playful attitude and ways to create opportunities for flow. Here’s an important tip for more connection from tip #3: put down your phone (or tablet, or smart TV). Be honest, you’re not surprised by this one. We all know it – few of us do it. Price makes a well-researched point about just how disruptive our smart devices can be. And the proof is in the pudding on this one: how engaged with our immediate experience can we be when we’re distracted by the buzzes and blips of notifications or worse yet – completely zoned out as we doom-scroll or binge-watch yet another season of Ozark?? I’m not suggesting you move to a remote mountain with no wifi, but eliminating distractions is a MUST if we are to be present enough in the moment to experience True Fun.

How I’m practicing: my hubs and I are doing a puzzle instead of watching TV in the evenings. I’ve noticed more banter and spontaneous playfulness when we’re not laser-focusing our eyeballs on a screen (bonus: we go to bed at the time we intend to instead of watching “just one more episode”). Focusing our full attention on our present-moment experience takes practice – and silencing our phones and dragging our attention away from the latest Hulu release. It’s doable, and I daresay it’s essential to our well-being, and the health of our relationships. No need to throw the smart TV out with the bathwater, but let’s find some balance that invites in more true fun!


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