Retired Midwest City police officer, Matt Dukes, was elected as the Midwest City Mayor on February 9, 2016. Following, he was reelected in 2018 and again most recently this year (2022).

Mayor Dukes served in law enforcement for 31 years. His law enforcement background includes specialized training and experience in public relations, field training, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, and personal protective measures. He also served 29 years in the military; United States Coast Guard & Oklahoma Air National Guard. Mayor Dukes is also an adjunct professor at Rose State College where he teaches courses related to law enforcement.

Mayor Dukes is a life-long Midwest City resident.

During his time in office, he has been a part of the $53 million bond package to fund infrastructure improvements in the city, a $117 million commercial investment, and the sale of Midwest City Hospital.

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