Period OKC is a nonprofit with a simple mission- provide free menstrual products to people.

Half of the world’s population menstruates and one in four people have experienced the struggle to buy proper period hygiene items due to money. Period poverty is when someone does not have the access to pads, tampons, or other feminine menstrual items. This is an issue all around the world, and also right here within our community.


Period OKC collects both monetary donations and product donations and provides them at no cost to schools, local aid agencies and anywhere they are needed.

Period OKC also strives to normalize period talk and educate people about periods. As there is a stigma and shame surrounding menstruations, they believe that sharing information is the best way to fight it. Following, they are advocates for the addition of no-cost period products in Oklahoma government and schools’ restrooms.


*Click here to donate to Period OKC and your donation will go towards buying tampons, pads and menstrual cups to those in need.

*Click here to buy period supplies from their Amazon wishlist.


Instagram: @period_okc


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