Glenn Lewis was elected as the Mayor of Moore in 1994. As he has served as Mayor for over 28 years and has led the city through growth, success and heartbreak.

When Lewis was first elected in 1994, the city’s budget was $18 million- and under his leadership the city of Moore has seen exponential growth of business, population and construction; overall bringing the city’s budget to well over $150 million.

However, since 1999, throughout Lewis’s time in office, there have been four tornadoes that have hit the city of Moore. EF5 tornados have struck the city and caused heartbreaking loss of lives, numerous injuries and billions in damage; such from the May 3, 1999 tornado and the May 20, 2013 tornado. Through the tragedy of the horrific storms that Moore has faced, Lewis has stood strong and was active within his responses in order to help all of the citizens of Moore.

In the aftermath, Lewis’s work has included pushing for residential storm shelters. Over time, ten thousand storm shelters have been added into homes by the city (Powell, 2021).

Glenn Lewis has lived in Moore with his wife, Pam, since 1962. They are passionate about their community and also own Lewis Jewelers in Moore.


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Yay Glenn Lewis!

A recent celebration & tribute was proposed by the Council to change the name of SW 25th St. in Moore to ‘Glenn Lewis Boulevard’ (Powell, 2021). This celebration and honor is presented in a way to honor the work of Lewis throughout his time in office and acknowledge Lewis’s role in bringing Costco Wholesale to Moore in 2021.


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