We are quickly approaching summer, so that means travel is on a lot of people’s minds. (Me, me!) If you planto take a summer vacay and are traveling short distance or long, beach or mountains, be sure to shop local and eat local while you are there to keep the good small biz vibes going. 🙂  Keep reading to learn a few of our MVP’s favorite or most recent destinations to visit!


Shay Wood: Wood Insurance Agency

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Shay has traveled to many places both near and far from Oklahoma, but her most recent international travel was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She enjoys the warm weather and recommends this destination for anyone looking for a hot and relaxing vacay. Our founder Malena Putnam is visiting there Memorial weekend so will share her visit in our socials, too.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is known for their beaches along the Pacific Ocean, fabulous resorts and vacation amenities + more that create a relaxing and enjoyable visit. There are over 550 flights into Cabo San Lucas weekly from 40 departing locations. The average flight duration for a flight from OKC to Cabo is about 5 hrs (Visit Los Cabos).


Matt & Tracy Morris: Edmond Family Eye Care

Portland, Maine

Tracy wants to travel the world and see all of the states and continents. Her and her husband’s most recent trip was exploring the city of Portland, Maine.

Portland offers many different artistic and outdoor adventures. Perhaps best known for their historic lighthouses and famous lobster meals. A road trip to Portland, Maine from OKC would take a little over 26 hours by car, but just over a 5 hour flight duration from OKC to this historic city (Visit Portland).


Mara English: Waters Edge Winery

New York City, NY

Mara recently beat the OKC snow-storm by jetting away to one of her favorite places, New York City. She spent her trip attending conferences, going to trade-shows and finding the best restaurants.

New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world with their historic attractions and museums, sightseeing experiences, entertainment experiences and more. A trip to NYC by car from OKC would take about 21 hours, but there is one round trip flight each day out of OKC to NYC that has a flight duration of 3 hours (NYC Official Guide).


Jill Castilla: Citizens Bank of Edmond


Jill loves to travel to any and all places, with one of her favorites being Hawaii. Did you know? The CEO got her undergraduate degree in Hawaii and still has many connections within the beautiful state. According to Jill, Hawaii is the perfect getaway, and we have to agree it’s paradise on Earth. Have you been?

Hawaii is full of history, culture, outdoor adventures, warm beaches and more. With many different islands and experiences like learning to hula dance or going to a luau.  Hawaii is one of the most sought-out destinations in the country.  Flights to Hawaii from OKC can range to about 9-13 hours of flight duration time (Go Hawaii).


Jalen Dorsey: DJ LiTEBRiTE/ Fresh Press Inc.

Grand Canyon, AZ

Jalen loves spending time outdoors, which goes with one of  his favorite destinations – the Grand Canyon. He enjoys natural landscaping and the Grand Canyon is arguably one of the best spots for beautiful views and sunsets like no other.

The Grand Canyon National Park is made up of 277 miles of layered bands of colorful rock. The Grand Canyon National Park is also known for being more than ‘just a view’ with many lodging accommodations available, camping areas, activities and more. A road trip to The Grand Canyon from OKC can take a little over 13 hours, and flight durations range to a little more than 7 hours. Most visitors flying to the Grand Canyon fly into the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (National Park Service – Grand Canyon).


Paula Hamby: OKC Date Planners

Sedona, Arizona

How about another Arizona spot? Paula has described Sedona as “one of the most beautiful places on earth” as she and her husband celebrated their anniversary there during the pandemic. She highly recommends the breathtaking views, countless activities in the city, food experiences and more. Read about Paula’s Anniversary trip to Sedona here: Yay Travel Destination: Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona, AZ is known for being a resort town with many outdoor experiences, resorts and lodging, day/ night activities and more. A road trip to Sedona from OKC would take about 13 hours and a flight duration from OKC would be a little over 4 hours (Visit Sedona).



Cheers and safe travels from our Yay Dude team: Tin Lizzies, Erin Meier AestheticsBourbon Street Cafe.