Spring is in the air! Sunshine and rain showers and the chirp chirp of birds as daffodils push through the cold earth towards blue skies. The coming of Spring inspires a spirit of renewal for most of  us, and it definitely does for me (I’m an avid gardener so I watch my garden daily for signs of new life). I love to integrate what’s happening in nature into my personal experience so when I think of renewal, these three practices below come to mind.

Here are some ways you can harness the energy of springtime and reawaken your body, mind and spirit:

Wake up your body by forest-bathing

Forest-bathing takes our traditional nature walk and adds elements of mindfulness and presence. Put away the phone and pay close attention to what all five senses are picking up on as you sit quietly or walk through a natural landscape (yes, there are forests in Oklahoma, but any natural setting will do for this experience!). You’ll no-doubt discover a heightened awareness of the often subtle signs of Mother Nature stretching as she wakes from her long winter’s nap. We have wonderful parks and miles of free trails at Arcadia Lake, Lake Hefner, Bluff Creek, Lake Overholser, and more.

Reinvigorate your mind with new information or perspectives

Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read (I’m finishing up Brene’ Brown’s Atlas of the Heart and re-listening to Denise Duffield Thomas’s Get Rich, Lucky Bitch). Pop in to Commonplace Books Edmond in Downtown Edmond and ask Ben for a recommendation. Don’t have time or don’t like to read? No problem! Search YouTube for a TED Talk on a topic you’d like to know more about – they range in length and are a great way to reignite those sleepy brain cells with new info (Google “spring ted talks” and find a whole plethora of choices).


Refresh your spirit with a retreat

There are many, many spiritual retreats happening throughout the world at any given moment. Since Covid, many of them have converted to online experiences, too. If you’re thinking you don’t have much time to commit, look for a shorter workshop (virtual or in-person) that engages your sense of artistry, expands your ability to meditate/pray, or revitalizes your sense of awe and wonder. (I’m registered for an online SoulCollage(TM) workshop next month and I can’t wait!)

Making time to reinvigorate your spirit is a great way to add some pep to your spiritual step! Whatever you do to refresh your mind, body and spirit, trust that you are doing just the right thing for you (no FOMO allowed) and approach it with an attitude of curiosity and acceptance.

Julie Reising is a former therapist who transitioned to an Empowerment Coach helping people Embrace Amazing. Learn more at JulieReising.com.

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