Jalen Dorsey, aka DJ LiteBrite, uses meditation and in order to continue to feel energized throughout the day as well as a refocusing method. Keep reading to learn about his meditation routine and tips & think about ways in which you can implement meditation in your ‘Yay Well’ routines.

If a morning for Jalen consists of working on the computer, taking calls etc., he will do a meditation in the late afternoon in order to wind down from the first part of the day. The reasoning for this is to re-focus and be available and ready for evening time with family.

Jalen lays flat on the ground, with pillows to support his knees. He listens to music either aloud or with headphones and sets a timer. He recommends setting a soft sounding alarm when meditating.

He shared a few extra of his tips when it comes to meditation including: be in a slightly uncomfortable position in order to not fall into a deep sleep, not falling into a deep sleep and to focus on muscle stretching within meditation. He stretches his hips and groin by laying flat on his back with his hips bowed in or out.


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