Darrell Davis was selected as the Edmond mayor on April 6, 2021 when he defeated his opponent Nathan Walters. Davis won the election with about 62% of the vote.

Darrell Davis has been a resident of Edmond for over 30 years and after retiring from many successful endeavors, he felt called to run as mayor of Edmond. He made history as the first Black mayor of Edmond. He also previously made history in 2011, as the first Black Edmond city council elect.

Davis’ background includes working as a civilian at Tinker Air Force Base for 35 years. He has been active in the community as well by serving on the Edmond City council, being a chairman and member of many city boards and working as an accomplished leader. Some of his leadership successes are through his lead within developing the MAC Senior Center and The Edmond Tennis Center. He has received many awards throughout his professional life for outstanding achievements.



Davis leads through his ways of building a “safer, stronger and better Edmond”.

Some of his accomplishments in the city of Edmond include:

  • improving fire response times
  • giving police the tools to succeed
  • building better streets and improving traffic flow
  • upgrading services for citizens

(from david4mayor.com)


The City of Edmond Instagram: @cityofedmond

The City of Edmond website: edmondok.gov

*To learn more about Mayor Davis/ the City of Edmond or to contact them, click here.


About the Mural (cover image):

a mural by Ebony Iman Dallas, installed as one of 11 murals painted during the Rollin’ Deep event on November 7, 2020, wall east of Citizens Bank of Edmond, 14 E 1st St

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