“Cheers to yesterday, today, and tomorrow!” -Denise Duong

Denise Duong, of Oklahoma City, has always been an adventurer and has a passion for nature. Growing up, she was close with her sister as they were raised by their two parents and surrounded by other family in the metro. She attended school in Chicago, IL where her love for art and creative grew. One of her favorite things about art is different textures and methods of creation; this is how she continues to entertain herself within her work. She is constantly inspired by nature and it is present within her beautiful creations.

Her work can be seen all over Oklahoma City, Tulsa and beyond. From the Paseo District, 21c Hotel, Little D Art Gallery and more, her bright art is a light to many people and places everywhere.

Check out a feature video by Oklahoma City Museum of Art below:

You can shop Denise’s work here: Denise Duong Art | SHOP

To view or contact Denise about a commision piece click here: Denise Duong Art | Commission

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