“It is the great honor of my life to be the Mayor of Oklahoma City.” -David Holt

David Holt, was elected as mayor Feb. 13, 2018 and took office April 10, 2018 and became OKC’s 36th mayor. Holt won the election with a 75.8 percentage of the vote.

David Holt was born and raised in Oklahoma City. He attended Putnam City Public Schools and then went to George Washington University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He also attended Oklahoma City University where he obtained a law degree.

Parts of David Holt’s background includes previously serving a U.S. House Speaker, a U.S. President, a Lt. Gov, and multiple members of the U.S. House and State. He also became chief of staff to OKC’s 35th mayor, Mick Cornett. He began his chief of staff position at 26 years old and remained for five years. Following this, is when he was elected to the Oklahoma Senate where he remained for almost 8 years.

Photo by: okc.gov

Holt currently resides in OKC with his wife Rachel (Executive Director of the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs) and two children; George and Margaret. He is also an author and published a book in 2012, about Oklahoma City’s come up to bringing the first NBA team to the state. The book is titled “Big League City: Oklahoma City’s Rise to the NBA“. Holt is involved within his community in numerous ways and is also a member of the Osage Nation.


“One OKC” is a message by Mayor Holt that reflects his “belief that Oklahoma City can continue to thrive only if we set aside the things that divide us and find common purpose” (Okc.gov). Messages within his four top-priorities of One OKC are: maintaining upgrades in core services, continuing improvements within quality of life and commitment of economic growth, supporting/ improving public education and incorporating the diversity of the city into decision making.



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