Games like this don’t come along too often.  It’s been reported that the Notre Dame and Oklahoma State pursued a traditional non-conference home and away series for the future, but the details just couldn’t be worked out.  Sure, there are big non-conference games for the Pokes.  For example, the Pokes play Arkansas and Oregon in the next few years and, in 2029, they even start a home/away series with Alabama. This is Notre Dame. Rudy. Touchdown Jesus. Paul Hornung. Notre Dame is a historic program and this is a historic opportunity for the Cowboys.  A chance to make a statement on a national stage against a currently higher-ranked historic program.  The point is:  this is BIG.

So, how do the Cowboys stack up against the Irish?  Essentially, there two questions that hold the key for the Cowboys success.  First, Spencer Sanders. He threw four interceptions in the Big 12 Championship Game. How will he react?  If he can protect the ball (no picks, no fumbles), that only leaves one question:  the defense. Although it was reported early that Jim Knowles *would* remain with OSU for the bowl game, he is now gone to Ohio State.  So who will be the next defensive coordinator?  Who will call the defense in the Fiesta Bowl? All signs point to Joe Bob Clements, the current Cowboy Defensive Line Coach. If Joe Bob can pick up where Knowles left off – this Cowboy defense is special…and it could lead the Cowboys to victory over college football royalty.  Go Pokes!

Good luck and cheers from our Yay Dude team: Primeline OKC, Bourbon St. Cafe, and Eddie’s Edmond.