One name came to mind for die hard Sooner fans when it was announced Oklahoma would play Oregon in the 2021 Alamo Bowl.  It wasn’t Duck QB Dennis Dixon or RB Jonathan Stewart.  It was 64 year old, Gordon Riese.  Well, he was 64 years old in 2006.  That was the last time the Sooners played the Ducks and it resulted in Riese and other replay officials suspended and, ultimately, with Riese being demoted. Let’s take a look back…

Both Oklahoma and Oregon were undefeated an 2-0 early in 2006 when the #18 Ducks hosted the #15 Sooners in Eugene.  Oklahoma seemingly had the game in hand with a 33-20 lead in the game with just 3:12 remaining in the 4th quarter.  Oregon put together a 65 yard touchdown drive to cut the lead to 33-27 and then…came the onside kick.  If Oklahoma recovers – the Sooners can likely run out the clock.  If the Ducks recover – they get another shot at a touchdown that would put them in the lead.  With just over a minute remaining in the game, Oregon K Luke Bellotti (son of Oregon Head Coach, Mike Bellotti) onside kicked the ball.  While an Oregon player clearly touched the ball AND Sooner RB Allen Patrick came up with the ball – it was reviewed and “determined” that a Sooner had touched the ball first and Oregon had recovered – none of which happened.  Oregon drove to score a touchdown to take the lead and the Sooners couldn’t capitalize on a 55 yard kickoff return by Reggie Smith as a Garrett Hartley FG attempt was blocked.  Thats why Sooners remember Gordon Riese.  In Gordon’s defense, it was later revealed he was watching the replay on a fuzzy 16 inch monitor in which he could not fast-forward, rewind, or pause.  So do we forgive ol’ Gordie?  Sure we do.  Everybody is human.  Will the #14 Sooners feel a little vindicated by putting a beat down on the #15 Ducks in beautiful San Antonio?  Hell yeah.

And they did. With a 47-32 victory over the Ducks and a sweet father/son moment after Drake Stoops got his second TD of the season and first with his pops as the head coach for the game. (Program Guy Big Game Bob Stoops was fun to watch on the sidelines again. Good job, Dude!)

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