The Sooners are leaving for the Southeastern Conference and the Big XII Conference (as we know it) is disappearing like Marty McFly in that crinkled 4×6 picture he carried in front pocket (Back To The Future RULES).   Each week of the conference season, YAY DUDE is going to look at some of the best and most exciting Big XII games for OU and OSU. Plus, we’ll try to take a peek into the future, too.


When talking Bedlam with an OU fan, there are a few things an OSU fan might hear. The usual “little brother” comments, but the most dismissive one is “OSU isn’t really OU’s main football rival. It’s Texas.” That really gets under the skin of many of OSU fans, but it’s hard to argue. From a competitive standpoint, the Sooners hold a 90-18-7 record against the Cowboys. So while it may be a rivalry game in terms of statehood, we can all agree it hasn’t been competitive.  The only good thing an OSU fan can worry about is the present…or future, but we’ll get to that.


November 11, 1995

So, technically, the 1995 edition of the Bedlam game was the last Big 8 Bedlam game, but it signified something. A period where Oklahoma State would be more competitive. A period in the Big 12. In 1995, nothing could have sealed Howard Schnellenberger’s fate in his first year at Oklahoma more the losing to Oklahoma State. The Sooners hadn’t lost to the Pokes since 1976. The flip side, of course, nothing could have endeared first year head Coach Bob Simmons to the Cowboy fanbase more than beating Oklahoma.   OU had been ranked as high as #10, but had hit the skids the last three games. OSU went on to win the game that day 12-0. One of the bigger plays of the day was an interception by Cowboy cornerback R.W. McQuarters.

Photo: The Oklahoman



What does the future hold? First, this Saturday will probably be the next to last Bedlam Football Game for a while.  When OU does bolt for the SEC, I anticipate OSU may not be interested in playing OU for a while…and I don’t blame them. Next, the Big 12 Championship will either be Bedlam Round 2 or OSU vs Baylor Round 2. Finally – does either school have a shot at the College Football Playoff? Sure, I guess there’s a chance, but it’s not likely. OU’s play would have to turn heads over the next two weeks, and the playoff committee would actually have to notice Oklahoma State. Now for a classic Bedlam photo:

Photo: The Oklahoman

Good luck to both teams and Happy Bedlam from Urbach Law, Bourbon St. Cafe Bricktown,  and Wood Insurance