What’s more American than apple pie? The holidays just aren’t the same without a good pie so Yay Dude’s MVP, Dr. Tracy Morris of Edmond Family Eye Care shares her Brown Bag Apple Pie recipe with us to add some delicious cheer.

Cindy’s Favorite Pie Crust:
– 3 c. flour
– 1 ¼ c. shortening (Crisco)
– 1 TBSP. Vinegar
– 1 tsp. salt
– 1 egg, beaten
– 4 TBSP. water

Sift flour. Add salt and shortening, blending with a pastry blender. Cut into flour until it looks like coarse crumbs. Combine liquids. Mix lightly until flour is moist and hold together in a ball. If needed, add more water by the tablespoon. Makes 2 crusts.

Brown Bag Apple Pie:
– 9” unbaked pie shell (see above)
– 2/3 c. sugar
– 2 TBSP. flour
– ¼ tsp. ground cloves
– ¼ tsp. nutmeg
– 1 tsp. cinnamon
– 2 TBSP. lemon juice
– 4-5 large apples, peeled and cut into slices (6-7 cups)


Mix together flour and spices. Coat apples. Place in pie shell and sprinkle with lemon juice. Add crumb topping (see below).
(Crumb Topping: ½ cup sugar, ½ cup flour, ½ cup (1 stick) butter)

Blend with pastry blender until crumbly. Place on top of pie. Place pie into a sealed (with staples) brown grocery bag.

*Bake at 400° for 1 ¼ hours.

Can we say yum?! Who’s trying it? If you bake it, shoot it, post it, and tag us!

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