The Sooners are leaving for the Southeastern Conference and the Big XII Conference (as we know it) is disappearing like Marty McFly in that crinkled 4×6 picture he carried in front pocket (Back To The Future RULES).   Each week of the conference season, YAY DUDE is going to look at some of the best and most exciting Big XII games for OU and OSU.  Plus, we’ll try to take a peek into the future, too.


This week’s opponent: Texas Christian


November 7, 2015

The #5 ranked Horned Frogs traveled to Stillwater boasting a 8-0 record and 5-0 record in conference. They were led by Heisman candidate QB Trevone Boykin (Our Whatever-happened-to-that-guy? of the week) and the national yardage leader for WRs, Josh Doctson.  The #12 Pokes were up to the task.  QB Mason Rudolph passed for 352 yards and 5 touchdowns to upset the higher ranked TCU.  James Washington caught 5 (just 5) passed for 184 YARDS.  Quite a per catch average.  Rudolph also had TD passes for WR Marcell Ateman and RB Jeff Carr.

Jeff Carr, Running Back

Photo:  The Oklahoman



For all those Loyal and True – we’ve been here before.  2011. 2015.  Poke fans are not like Sooner fans.  Mostly, our expectations are different, but every so often…in the distance…you can see a shot at the conference title and maybe, just maybe…a shot at the national title.  I know a lot of people will snicker at that, but just as Lloyd Christmas said, “So, you’re saying there’s a chance?”.  Things would have to go very right.  Victories would, of course, have to continue and those victories would even have to pass the “eye test” (Grrrr.  That’s a whole other discussion.) of the pundants and playoff voters.  Fingers crossed.  Three weeks to go.

Lloyd Christmas, Limo Driver

Photo: Dumb and Dumber


This week’s opponent: Baylor


November 10, 2012

The Sooners prepared for the matchup with Baylor with small thing in the back of their mind.  Head Coach Bob Stoops was tied Sooner Head Coaching legend Bud Wilkinson in the victory.  Landry Jones started at QB that day for the Sooners.  He threw for 277 yards to pass BYU QB Ty Detmer and move up to 4thon the NCAA all-time passing yardage list.  Damien Williams carried 23 times for 99 yards ad 2 TDs while Justin Brown had 6 catches for 83 yards and 1 TD.  Now, the Sooner defense did give up and historically bad 616 yards, but still came away with the victory 42-34.


Justin Brown, Wide Receiver

Photo:  The Oklahoman



The Sooners continue to stick at #8 in the latest College Football Playoff Rankings.  Many grumble the ranking as a sign of disrespect.  OU is the lowest ranked Power 5 undefeated team by a good margin.  Analysis? Either A, the committee knows the Sooner’s schedule is back loaded.  If each of the last three weeks is a solid victory then the Sooners will slowly move up. If they should convincingly win out and finish the season undefeated – they’d be in the playoff.  Some people will bet the farm on this option.  Then there’s Option B. A bit more conspiracy-minded, but here it goes:  The Sooners aren’t getting in period.  If four of the teams ranked above them continue to perform well enough – the Sooners (or any other Big 12 team for that matter) will be left out.  We’ll see.

Mike Woods II, Wide Receiver