Ed Wrenn at the Lounge in Edmond.

We’re kicking off our Yay MVPs series with a guy who has a big passion for life and it shows in everything he touches. We’ve asked our Yay Dude Team entrepreneurs to tell us more about their background and how it led them to pursue their passions in their chosen fields. Sure, we asked for advice, too. And favorite local places to eat and hang out. And where they love to unwind when they get away. We hope you’ll enjoy this series and thank you, OKC fans, for supporting small business. It’s the heartbeat of our community.

MVP: Ed Wrenn


  • Eddie’s, a full service American-style restaurant located at 2828 E. 2nd St.
  • Hott Wings, a boutique bar and grilled wings restaurant in the Edmond Railyard, 23 W. 1st St.
  • The Lounge Craft Kitchens + Cocktails, an upscale boutique restaurant at 3601 E. 2nd St.
  • Catering company

Yay Dude: What’s the best thing about what you do?

Eddie: That I get to talk to people and make connections. My passion is catering. I always wanted a catering company with a restaurant attached.  They both feed each other, which is neat.

Yay Dude: What are three principles in business that you always follow?

Eddie: People, profits, processes. I’m big on if it’s a reoccurring thing, systemetize it. Cleaning, ordering, receiving. I don’t have to go into a restaurant and say, “it’s dirty clean it.” There’s a system for that.  People respect you more if they know that they have to do. Build it into their day. Really good systems equals really good restaurants or business. When there is a problem, there often isn’t a system in place or it could be avoided. 

Yay Dude: What’s your favorite way to celebrate an important milestone, award or other accomplishment?

Eddie: Leave town. 🙂

Yay Dude: Who is your hero or someone who changed your life?

Eddie: Greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. The way he carries himself and what he did after he left business. And he’s still relevant. Tiger Woods for tenacity of what he’s  gone through. And still wins championships.

Yay Dude: What is you hidden talent or special skill?

Eddie: I can run really far and fast. People don’t know that. I can actually run and like to run and it helps clear my mind. 

Yay Dude: What’s the annual event you look forward to the most?

Eddie: My wife’s (Shannon) birthday is July 13, so the whole month of July. Mine is on Super Bowl Sunday and that’s always a lot of fun. Chicken wings, my birthday, Super Bowl.

Learn more about Eddie’s life and take on business, why he chose Edmond for his restaurants, his favorite local restaurants, food, travel spots, and what’s next for him in his MVP video.

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