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City Care OKC  inspires those willing to look social injustice and extreme poverty in the face, and empowers them to do whatever it takes to create change.” -City Care OKC


By working with the sense of compassion, love and community; City Care OKC does the work of providing food, relief and shelter for those within the metro. The organization was founded after a few friends did the right thing and began providing breakfast to those who were homeless within their neighborhoods. By experiencing the service and transformation within these acts of helping, they wanted to begin their mission to help people restore their lives, give back and provide accessible help.


Night Shelter

In the spring of 2021, City Care OKC opened their new Night Shelter. This is Oklahoma City’s only low-barrier night time shelter. It is available to all people and pets to have a safe and restful place to sleep, while becoming familiar with the transformational services provided by the organization that may help one get back onto their feet and in stable shelter. The shelter includes 140 beds and is at capacity on most nights.

Exterior of Night Shelter; Courtesy of City Care Facebook

Whiz Kids

Inspired to reach as many people as possible, Whiz Kids provides services to over 800 children in the Oklahoma City metro. These services include mentorship, learning opportunities, one-on-one work and more that is provided within neighborhood schools. churches and other nonprofits. By expanding the compassion within this program, Whiz Kids, has seen transformations within children that enable them increased academic excellence, security and love.


City Care OKC is funded by donors, volunteers and partners. The funds collected are used within the work that continues to help, grow, serve and help those within the community.




There are many opportunities within each program to get involved with to make a difference within the community. Whiz Kids is also seeking volunteers; application required.

Volunteer today: CITY CARE VOLUNTEER.

Whiz Kids volunteer application: WHIZ KIDS APPLICATION.


City Care OKC hosts multiple events each year to benefit the organization and create awareness about their mission. Previous events have included The Odyssey Project, Transform the Night, Whiz Kids Anniversary Dinner, Golf tournaments and more.

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CEO Adam Luck: |


“I am committed to my city and doing my part to make it just while balancing grace, love, and compassion to meet people where they are.” -Adam Luck





HQ Location: 2000 N. Classen Blvd., Suite N50

Oklahoma City, OK


United States of America

(405) 652-1112


NIGHT SHELTER location: 532 N Villa Ave

Oklahoma City, OK


United States of America

(405) 724-8439

Open every day 6pm-7am.


*Amy Gillett | Volunteer Coordinator

*Shawn Loyd | Director of Homeless Services


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