Have you ever felt so stressed that you needed a safe, therapeutic way to release any tension you have built up? A new wave coming in hot is called a ‘break room’. A place where you can go and release emotions and well…destroy things. The Yay Dude OKC team had the pleasure of visiting a new and local break room to the metro: Break Room 405.

Braxton Duke and Sarah McLain at Break Room 405

With three different experiences, (Break Rooms, Smash Alley, Splatter Room) you are sure to find a way to release stress, get creative and have fun. This is a family-friendly place that offers walk-ins, large groups, private events, birthday parties and more.


About Break Room 405

Owners, Tiffany Donovan, and her husband were inspired for this local break room after realizing there was a need in the metro for a therapeutic, stress relieving place to let out emotions. By visiting other concepts of this idea around the state; they created and brought their safe and ‘destructive’ place to life to benefit and help those close to them and people within the community.


Break Rooms:

Before entering a break room, you have the choice to buy a protective suit and then you strap on the required face shield. Two different rooms, equipped with sledge hammers, baseball bats, crowbars and more to get your ‘break on’. You are enclosed in a room filled with an array of powerful quotes and are given items to destroy. These items range from old computer screens to beer bottles; you can also purchase other, larger items to take with you to break (printers, TVs etc). With bluetooth speakers in each room; you can play your own music and create your own environment.

For the Yay Dude team; our favorite part of the break room was the ‘Powder Bomb’ that we got to break! Vibrant colored powders are packed within an old beer bottle and when it is broken it creates a rainbow color explosion, that is super cool to take a slo-mo video of!

Starting at $35 a person, enjoy a fun and exciting 3o minutes. Book a break room NOW here: Book a break room!

Smash Alley:

Smash Alley is a faster-pace release with targets ready to be aimed at; you will be given small breakables to destroy. A quick 15-minute session, starting at $10 per person; will have you feeling great. Book an Alley place today: here.


Splatter Room:

Unwind and get creative in the glow-in-the dark splatter room. An area to be free and messy; you will be given paint and a canvas to create your own magic. Upon entering, you will be given protective eye goggles and access to the blue tooth speaker to create your own environment. You can also purchase add-ons such as extra paint or protective gear.

For the Yay Dude team, our favorite part of the splatter room was getting to be creative with our canvases and on the walls. Also, we enjoyed the ‘splatter’ drums!

Have fun and get messy today in your own splatter room! Starting at $18 per person. Book now: here!


Extra! Memory wall:

You can’t leave Break Room 405 without signing the inspirational memory wall! From positive quotes, writing about your experience or signing your name; everyone gets to leave their special mark!


You can also purchase a bundle of ‘BREAK and SPLATTER’ to experience both main attractions on site! This is a place that the whole family would love! +They are working on an exciting expansion within the coming year; so stay up-to date on all things Break Room 405!

For more information visit Break Room 405’s website.

Follow Break Room 405 on Instagram.


Thank you for eating, shopping and ‘breaking’ local!


Cheers from our Yay Dude Team: Erin Meier Aesthetics, Urbach Law Firm and LifeSquire.