As you can probably tell by now, “you had me at lake”, is pretty much my go-to answer when anyone invites me to a body of water in the hot, hot summer. 🙂 During the pandemic of 2020, 4th of July was effectively canceled, so we hightailed it to Texoma to an Air bnb to catch some waves, rays and fireworks. This summer our good friends invited us to their lake house for a bday weekend, and, yep, every time it does the trick to make me feel like a chill human being again.
For me, a boat is a must in the summer and Texoma has several docks to choose from for renting one by the hour or bringing your own. Boating, floating, grilling out, great wine and seltzers. I love that you can boat out and then dock at the Islands for a bit to rest up, lay out, and float before heading back.
Check out the goodness that is Lake Texoma.

Visiting Hagerman Wildlife Refuge nearby is a must when it’s cool enough to hike.

Basic Info:
Known as Texoma or Texomaland to locals
Situated on the red river between Oklahoma and Texas
Attracts approximately 6 million visitors a year
Chickasaw Nation owns a large portion around lake on OK side
Five Islands: Hog Island, Little Island, North Island, Treasure Island, West Island & Wood Island
Things to do:
Camping (12 camping areas managed by US Army Corp of Engineers) , equestrian services, casinos, fishing, golfing, hiking, resorts, hotels, motels, parks, shopping, spa retreats, dining, night life, historical sites, nationally renowned biological station, national fisher, extreme sand boxing, heavy equipment playground, dinner cruises, arts district
What they are known for:
Size and proximity to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex (hr drive south of lake)
Contact Info:
*State Park
11500 Park Office Rd
Kingston, OK 73439
Social Media: