My most recent post for Yay Dude recounted our trip down the West Coast to visit filming locations of some of our favorite Movies and TV Shows (Goonies Never Die!).  However, you don’t need to go to the West Coast to visit filming locations of an iconic film, a blockbuster film, and a classic film.

Stay Gold!

For a filming location day trip, The Outsiders House Museum in Tulsa may be the cream of the crop.  In March of 2016, Hip-Hop Artist Danny Boy O’Connor (House of Pain) purchased the house from 1983’s “The Outsiders”.  He has restored it and turned it into a wonderful museum and gift shop.  The house is full of memorabilia complete with props where you can reenact scenes filmed inside the house.  You really have to see it to believe.  A must for even a casual fan of The Outsiders.

Located at 731 N St Louis Ave in Tulsa.  For information and a filming location map visit the website below.  With multiple locations across Tulsa, you can truly make a day of it.

Helen Hunt was actually a delight.

Being from Northwest Oklahoma, the filming of 1996’s Twister was monumental.  I graduated from high school just a few years earlier in nearby Jet.  To think that Hollywood was coming to the farm – it was amazing.  When you talk with people about the filming, one of the first things you hear from folks isn’t about Bill Paxton spinning tales of working on the Weird Science set.  Turns out that is just what I like to imagine happened.  The conversation usually winds to Bill Paxton’s co-star, Helen Hunt.  Turns out, Helen was…well…wasn’t the most friendly person you’d ever met.  Well, I’m here to give Helen the benefit of the doubt and I’ll continue to imagine she was just delightful.  I’m also here to tell you there is a Twister Museum in Wakita.  The town was the site of a recent 25th anniversary celebration complete with three of Bill Paxton’s crew making their way back to Grant County.

Go West young man…haven’t you been told?

I would like to call my Oklahoma History teacher from freshman year in high school and just ask him one question.  Not about “Alfalfa Bill” Murray and might he be related to “Ghostbusters Bill” Murray (I answered that question on my own).  I would ask “How did we NOT watch ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ in class?”.  An American classic, the dust bowl story of Tom Joad (Henry Fonda) prominently features the County Courthouse in Sayre and the family hits the road.  Here’s the plan:  Watch the movie on Friday, listen to Bruce Springsteen’s “Ghost of Tom Joad” during the Saturday drive out, see the courthouse, and then stop by Jigg’s Smokehouse in Clinton for lunch.

Get an upbeat playlist ready for the way home.  Springsteen’s “Ghost” isn’t exactly a pick me up.  Yay Dude.  We’ll plan your trip for you.


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Happy exploring from our Yay Dude Team! Eric Urbach at Urbach Law Firm, LifeSquire, and Rachelle Nichols and Co. operations advising.