I can’t think of a better all-in-one adventure destination in Oklahoma City than the OKC Zoo.

Got a date? It’s less awkward than a meal and you can put the focus on the animals instead of staring at each other across the table from each other. What better way to see how they like animals and being outside? Long-time partner? Get out of the rut and into the wild, baby.

Family time? The kiddos can expend all of their energy walking the zoo, learning about animals, and be unplugged for a bit. Win-win. Also, it’s NOT just for littles. My bigs (16-24) still enjoy the zoo, too.

Workout? Hey, you’ll easily get those 5,000 steps in at the Zoo and it’s much more entertaining than a treadmill! Plus, the Zoo has misters throughout the zoo, so if you get toasty, you can cool off.

Friends’ hang? Happy hour gets a little there-done that, so why not meet at the Zoo instead? The Zoo offers alcoholic drinks now, too, so sip and stroll and catch up with your besties. Grab a selfie with the baby giraffe.

Yep, if you’re head’s been in the clouds and you didn’t know about the new male giraffe born June 3rd, that’s probably the cutest reason to visit the zoo.

The Zoo is currently hosting a naming contest so go vote for your fave. The choices include:

  • Osiris (Oh-si-rus): Means with strong eyesight.
  • Kioni (Key-on-i): Means one who sees/finds things.
  • Tafari (Ta-far-ee): Means inspires awe.
  • Hasani (Ha-sa-ni): Means handsome.

Vote here. The winning name will be announced on Tuesday, July 20, on the zoo’s Facebook page.

Current herd: mama Ellie, 20; Julu, 6, who is PREGGERS AND DUE SOON, WOOT!, father Demetri, 4; and Mashamba, 2.

Obviously what’s “new” is totally based on when you last visited the Zoo and what parts you did or didn’t visit. Sanctuary Asia is the newest area of the park where you can find the elephants and rhinos, and the beautiful new dining facility, where you can also host events.

We particularly liked the Wetlands Walkway to see turtles in their “wetland” without a glass in front of us.


One thing we noticed is how many more activities (fees required) are available beyond the Carousel that’s been a staple for a long time. Check OKCZoo.org for ticket prices for these options:

Dino Safari | Flamingo Mingle | Camel Rides | Elephant Express Tram | Giraffe Feeding Platform | Rhino Feedings | Sea Lion Presentations Stingray Bay | Centennial Choo Choo | Explorikeet Adventure 

Additionally, you can “go behind the scenes” for Wild Encounters at particular times of day including Grizzly Bears, Bison, Rhinos, Galapagos Tortoises,  Sea Lions, and Asian Elephants.

Nutella is sponsoring a breakfast buffet in the sea lion exhibit Saturday mornings this summer, with an additional cost of $45 or $50.

Keep in mind that the Zoo closes early (5p). Hopefully they will return to sunset hours for regular visitors soon, but until then, just plan accordingly and make it a lunch or afternoon date or see them on the weekends early for cooler weather. They are open year around so make a seasonal visit part of your adventure plan. For the best rates, become a Zoo Friend member with several package options.

Thanks for supporting our local OKC Zoo!

Instagram: @okczoo


2101 NW 50th St., OKC, OK 73111

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