Soon you’ll get to literally walk all over Matt Goad. Or his work, at least. Meet our May Artist of the Month Matt Goad whose geometrical, bright and brilliant art will now be displayed as terrazzo flooring at the Will Rogers World Airport – his biggest project to date. It’s not open to the public til late summer so take a peek as the terminal is being finished in this exclusive video tour.

10 Questions with Matt Goad

Artist Matt Goad

YD: Describe your artistic style.

Matt: Geometric, colorful, modern.

YD: Tell us about the first piece you ever sold. 

First piece I sold was a woodcut print which a professor bought titled “Brad Goes Walking in the Graveyard”. It was when I was first trying to develop an artistic style of my own.

YD: You are an accomplished creative: artist, musician, graphic designer. What sparks your creativity? Can you share your creative process?

Matt: I never really think I am “accomplished” but thank you! I love the process of making an idea happen. Whether it is a piece of art or a song. It’s the process that is the fun part, not when it is finished. Ideas can come from anywhere really, a conversation, a movie or a bird in a tree. Much of my inspiration comes from nature, especially animals.  I feel as though the universe is full of stories, pictures, and songs and it is up to us to catch them.

Fowler VW Mural

YD: Favorite local shops and restaurants?

Matt: I’ve been an avid supporter of “mom-n-pop” shops and restaurants my entire adult life. In a way it’s not even really to support them but that THAT is where the good stuff is really! Favorite restaurants: Café Antigua, Taqueria Rafitas. Stores: Porch Art Supply, Guest Room records and you can find me at least twice a week at Ace Hardware.


YD:  What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever done?

Matt: My favorite piece I’ve ever done is always the last piece. But it will be hard to top the airport project now that that is nearing completion.

YD: Favorite holiday? 

Matt: Favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the Fall and I love to eat. And of course seeing friends and family. Halloween would be a close second.


YD: What’s next for you?

Matt: I am in the process of building an art studio in my backyard so that is the next big thing for me. I also have signed on with a local gallery “objets trouvés” in Oklahoma City and I have a number of commission that will be keeping me busy into the fall.


YD: What do you like most about Oklahoma City?

Matt: I love that Oklahoma City is big enough to have a Whole Foods and small enough that an art dork can own a house. Also there really is almost a one degree of separation between everyone. That can be good or bad depending on how you behave. So always be on your best behavior and you’ll be good!


YD: What message do you have for aspiring creatives?

Matt: I would say that regardless of how daunting, weird or crazy your passion may be it is your duty to yourself to follow it. Don’t play it safe and don’t listen to people that tell you to.


YD: Favorite quote or mantra.

Matt: I’ve always loved this quote from Picasso, and it’s not because he’s my favorite artist: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

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