Meet our first MVPs who said a BIG YAY to bringing OKC good news and positive vibes. You can read their full profiles in our About Us page and connect with them on social media. You’ll be learning more about their favorite local things and getting to go behind the scenes of their businesses, too.

Our Yay Dude Team is comprised of MVPs, All Stars, our Buzz Squad of local tourism leaders, our in-house staff, and, of course, YOU, THE FANS! Thanks for reading, watching, sharing, and most of all, supporting local businesses. Cheers!

Jill Castilla, CEO, Citizens Bank Edmond | Dr. Carter Johnston, Physician’s Optical & Forma Optics + Art | Jalen Dorsey, DJ Litebrite & Fresh Press Ink |  Erin Meier Aesthetics + Primeline OKC  | Paula Hamby, CEO, OKC Date Planners | Eric Urbach, Urbach Law Firm | Shonda Spencer, Realtor, Homestead & Co. |  Valerie Riley, CEO, Lifesquire | Jenn J Armstrong, Money Coach | Ed Wrenn, Eddie’s, Hott Wings, The Lounge Craft Kitchen + Cocktails | Ashley Forrest, Gallery Director, Forma Optics + Art | Cyndy Hoenig, Publicist & Ever After OKC Wedding Studio | David Southard, Bourbon St. Cafe Bricktown  | Malena Putnam, Yay Dude! & Chicks in Charge